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Game: World of Warcraft - US Server: Trollbane US - Horde
Level: 85 Class: Death Knight
Race: Tauren Sex: Male
Details: Level 85 Tauren Frost Death Knight
Average Item level: 367
4/5 S9, 13 Level 371 Epics and so on
Health: 125927
Talent: Frost/Unholy
Achievement Points: 3775
Professions: Mining: 525 / 525
Archaeology : 300 / 525
Cooking : 450 / 525
First Aid : 450 / 525
Riding : 310
Mounts: 47,Bronze Drake Mount, Red Drake, Sunreaver Dragonhawk and so on
Companions: 69,Argent Gruntling, Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot, Enchanted Broom and so on
Extra Gold: 7.5k Gold
Alt: Level 68 Tauren Balance Druid
Level 67 Blood Elf Beast Mastery Hunter
Price: 158.65
Character Information:

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